Why SPFutureCast?

Whether you are adding a location, renovating, downsizing, moving or just reorganizing, SPFutureCast has everything necessary for you to plan your future portfolio today.

Knowing What Planning Isn’t

How many times have you heard that planning is easy?

      • “Just match all the blocks with the same color on the same floor.”
      • “Don’t worry about embedded functions like an IT person in your research team.”
      • “Just drag each person to a seat – no need to worry about office eligibility or how the department works.”
      • “After all, they are all the same color block.”

If it was only that simple….but with SPFutureCast, you get a solution that delivers both ease of use and better results!

Understanding the Frustration

The current industry methods of sitting in a room for days utilizing magnet boards and post-it notes are antiquated and inefficient. The SPFutureCast solution won’t leave you wondering if that department will fit in the building, or have your team spend hours only to find out that there are not enough assignable offices available. Our solution will revolutionize that way you plan your space.

Knowing What Planning Is

Strategic and Scenario Planning is so much more than blocking and stacking floor plans and assigning people to seats on a floor plan. It is understanding the ever-changing needs of organizations over a period of time, the implications of those changes on your existing portfolio, and adapting your space and allocations to best meet those needs. This is the story you need to present to your C-suite executives and SPFutureCast can help you write it.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

User Experience and User Interface are at the forefront of every feature of SPFutureCast. Planning is hard enough, using the software should not be.

Everything You Need

SPFutureCast worked with some of the largest and best IWMS/CAFM consulting firms to make sure our users have all the features and data necessary to quickly and successfully plan the future of their space.

How valuable is your time?

SPFutureCast has everything needed to plan your Real Estate portfolio in a fraction of the time it would take in most IWMS/CAFM systems.  Comparison time tests with some of the major IWMS/CAFM systems show SPFutureCast to be 5 to 10+ times faster.  That means minutes instead of hours, hours instead of days, etc.  So again, just how valuable is your time?

Not an IWMS/CAFM Solution

Most IWMS/CAFM software companies fail to invest time and money into a module that they view as seldom used.  What they do not realize is that planning incorrectly can cost your company millions of dollars. Strategic and Scenario planning is all SPFutureCast does. Which tool do you want to use?

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